Wednesday, December 6, 2017

About that Boy Tweet

A few weeks ago these tweets were going around, and I’d been meaning to comment on them. Forgive the messy editing, art was not my best subject in school. If you want to see who said what, or if you want to re-tweet (even better), feel free to dig around my Twitter feed.

Most boys don't read? What? Of course they do! My eleven year old reads non-stop! This is his bookshelf.

I normally don’t post pics of my kids' messes, but I straighten this out almost weekly. It’s a mess because he’s constantly taking books out to read (and not putting them back properly, but that’s another blog post). Then there’s my twenty year old who put a book on his holiday gift list this year. But let’s move away from the boys who share my DNA.

Because other boys read, too!

Can we talk about NATE ROCKS?

Okay. So admittedly, one of the reasons I wrote Nate Rocks was because my oldest son wasn't the greatest reader at the time, and I wanted to write a series for reluctant readers - boys and girls - because boys aren't the only ones who read Nate. But since I want to address the tweet about boys and reading … BOYS DO READ, and boy oh boy do boys love Nate. I have proof:

1. They write to me - especially when their name is also Nathan, or when they also have annoying older sisters (this seems to be the case in a LOT of households).

2. Their parents write to me. Particularly when they do something funny, like hiding behind the couch hoping to sneak in one more chapter when they're supposed to be getting ready for bed. Then there was the mom who begged me not to end the series on behalf of her son. The circumstances sounded dire. ... Sorry.

3. Pictures! I have them. On my website. Parents send me photos of their awesome kids reading Nate. They've also drawn their own adventures. Check them out at They rock.

But, it's not about Nate!

There are TONS (and tons) of other great books, and boys love to read them. Are there reluctant readers? Absolutely and guess what? Reluctant readers find books they love and often turn into avid readers. Does this happen every time? No, but "Most boys don't read at all?" I don't believe that for a second.

Do they need encouraging? YES!
Should we be taking them to bookstores and libraries on a regular basis? YES!
Do they need exciting, challenging, adventurous, funny, educational, creative, inspirational, thoughtful, mind-provoking books to read? YES!
Does the above apply to ALL children? YES!

Give the gift of reading. Nurture your child's creative soul.


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