Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Little Holiday Poem

Hello friends and readers!! It's me .. remember me? I know it's been a looong while since I've posted (so long that it took me a while to find the new post button). Every time I come back, I always say I'm going to start posting more regularly, but you and I both know the truth, so I'm not going there...

I do however, want to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And I want to share a little holiday poem that I sent out with my newsletter this morning. Are you signed up to receive my newsletter? The link is below this post. I promise I  won't share your email address or clog up your mailbox since I send newsletters about as often as I blog! 

But back to the poem!! I thought it was the easiest way to update you on what I've been up to the last seven weeks...

‘Twas the night before Monday, the October wind blew,
The cat had been sick, and I knew what to do.
To the vet in the morning is where we must head,
He stared at me blankly and curled up for bed.
As the clouds rolled in and rain poured down,
I pulled out his carrier and then looked around.
To the closet my furry friend had run up to hide,
Seemed I'd need treats to get him inside.
“Come on,” I begged, “just behave, please?”
He peeked out and smirked. Oh what a tease.
I reached out and grabbed him. My lucky day!
Down the steps toward the carrier, everyone out of my way!
When all of a sudden there arose such a clatter,
The cat sprang away, and I fell with a SPLATTER!
Down the stairs I had tumbled, well really just two,
But enough to have gotten quite a nasty boo-boo.
We went to the vet, me banged up and bruised.
That’s what us pet-lovers do when we’re dazed and confused.
To sum up the story, the cat is just fine.
Myself, I now claim two broken ankles as mine.
Now seven weeks later, I’m still healing away,
But wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays!



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For the latest book news, sign up for my newsletter!

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