Friday, May 19, 2017

The Friday Five 5-19-17

No, your eyes do not deceive you! I decided to do a Friday Five  -- it's been a busy week, so why not? It's my blog, I can blog if I want to, blog if I want to, blog if I want to,  ... I've had a little extra coffee today, sorry.

Anyway - let's get right to it!

1. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!  I know this can be a tough day for some. For those - my heart goes out to you - I hope the day was easy and peaceful. For me, I had a lovely and relaxing day with my three kids. My sixteen year old made breakfast (and did the dishes after - thank you, daughter!) My oldest bought flowers and helped clean the patio, and my youngest let me sleep with his giant teddy bear for the night - a definite treat! But my favorite part of the day was when we all went on a walk together … nature, family photos, and perfect weather.  I ended the night with a fab dinner, great company, and a relaxing glass of wine on my newly cleaned patio. All in all it was a perfect day. I hope yours was, too.

2.  Blue Toes.  I don't normally talk about my feet (as in never) but back in February I received a gift certificate for a mani/pedi that I hadn't used yet. Anyway, the temp hit 90, and I needed to break out the sandals, so it was time for a Me Day! Exciting right? It was for me because to be honest, I don't get them very often, and it was heaven. I enjoyed every minute of my pampering.  And, I'm not just going to talk about my feet, I'm actually going to post a picture (Cue the horror music!)

But then … I totally jinxed myself. I got into my car and thought to myself, "I feel sooo relaxed."
Yup. Big mistake. My phone rang on cue … it was my son's school.  

3. Call From School  So I answered the phone, knowing it wouldn't be good news. It never was. "Hello? It's the school nurse." Ugh. "Your son is okay, but …" No! Not "but!" You said he was OK. You're not allowed to use "but" and "OK" in the same sentence. Seriously. It turned out, my son was stung by a bee. He's not allergic so it wasn't a huge deal, at least it wouldn't have been if he wasn't already terrified of bees. He gave an oscar-worthy performance over the phone as to why I had to come pick him up that very second, which of course I did because #momlife. He's fine. He spent the rest of the day playing video games and forgetting all about the bee sting. 

4. Newsletter. On Saturday I put out a newsletter. It was the first one I had done since November. I know what you're thinking. A Friday Five and a newsletter all in one week? Who are you?  I don't know what came over me, but I'm sure it will be another six months before either happens again, so if you'd like a copy of the newsletter, sign up at the bottom of this post (or in the margin if you're on a PC or leave me a comment if you can't find it - I'll get it to you!) There's a cute story about my 10 year old for those who enjoy his funny conversations.

5. Garden. Since my oldest was kind enough to clean off my patio, I decided I should probably plant some plant things. I haven't had a lot of luck at this house because of deer and bunnies, but I figured it was worth another shot. Plus, my friend Kate Brandes gave away seed packets at her book release party (best swag ever!) and I'm always up for a challenge. PS - I'm a third through her book, The Promise of Pierson Orchard, and loving it ... check it out! So far it's five days in and I haven't killed anything! Yay me. I'll  keep you posted.

That's five! I hope you have a great weekend!



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