Thursday, February 16, 2017

Beary Baby Crazy #TBT

I know I often blog about conversations with my youngest, but my older children are equally as entertaining. Before I begin, let me say ... I am not, I repeat, NOT pregnant. But I did take my sixteen year old to the pediatrician earlier this week for her annual well-visit. NO, SHE IS NOT PREGNANT EITHER! The thing is though, there were babies there - a bunch - and they were all super cute. One in particular caught my daughter's attention. It was an infant dressed in a pink bear sleeper similar in style to the ones my daughter used to wear in these pictures.

Yes, that's MY baby sixteen years ago!

Anyway - after we got over the oohs and aahs, the baby left and my conversation with my daughter went something like this:

S: When I have a baby—

Me: You mean in like 10 years.

S: Or 20.

Me: Okay, good - continue.

S: When I have a baby, I'm going to dress her in a bear onesie all of the time.

Me: What about in the summer when it's hot?

S: I can cut the legs off.

(I'm assuming she meant off of the outfit and not off of the child.)

S: Or I'll live somewhere cold. It'll be so cute!

Then after a brief moment of silence where she was no doubt planning out her future baby's entire bear-themed wardrobe …

My youngest, 10 years ago, in his bear hat

S: I think I want to start babysitting more babies.

Me: They're a lot more work then the kids you babysit for now. They cry a lot.

My youngest - I thought the instructions on the shirt were clear.

S: I'll just hold them and cuddle them and then they won't cry. Can you find some babies for me to babysit?

Me: Where am I going to find babies? My friends have older kids.

S: Just start knocking on some doors and ask if they have any cute babies.

Yeah, because that won't be weird or anything...

(P.S. to my local friends: My daughter really is an awesome babysitter! If you're looking for someone for your child of any age, let me know.)

Me: I need to blog about this.

S: I think it should be an entire book.

I told her I needed a little more material, but maybe ... in the meantime, as long as I'm showing off babies ... here is my oldest - 19 years ago.

Yup - he wore the bear outfit, too.


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