Monday, February 3, 2014

The Day the Heat Died

Polar Vortex 2014 - you've heard of it right? I mean even if you're not living through it (lucky!) it's been all over the news. Coldest winter in I don't know how long. Ridiculous amounts of snow every few days (Ugh!)

So let me set the scene - Your alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m. (double ugh), you drag yourself out of bed and think man, it's cold! But hey - you've got an old house with old windows during a  polar vortex. It's sort of like the trifecta of doom as far as trying to keep warm during winter. Even so, it seems colder than usual, so you make your way over to the thermostat. It wouldn't hurt to kick it up a notch or two just this once, right? Sure - except - it's not even at the 67 degrees it's supposed to be set at. It's only at 64 degrees. That can't be good. You check to make sure it's set for 67. Yup. You check to make sure it's set to "on." Yup. You turn the oven on for a second to make sure the gas is actually working (I did pay that bill didn't I?) Yup. You check to make sure the furnace is working - nope! WHAT??

Welcome to my Friday. Now three days later, I'm waiting for the installation guys to show up with my new furnace - in the snowing - hoping and praying they make it. Yes, I said new. It seems the furnace was deader than dead. I can't really complain (well I can of course) - it was close to thirty years old, but timing wise, we would have preferred it waited until it was a little warmer out. (Really, is there ever a good time to have to drop several thousand dollars on a piece of metal that sits in your basement?)

Luckily, we have a gas fireplace in our family room that got quite a workout over the weekend. We buckled down, moved in pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags, and had a Toz family sleepover. Admittedly, some of us got more sleep than others, but at least we were warm. Fireplace, cozysocks, wifi, games, books, fun, and WARMTH!

Here's hoping all of you are staying warm, too!


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  1. Oh, so sorry! When this happened to me, it wasn't nearly this cold! But it was only about a week before Christmas AND the dealer didn't carry that brand anymore AND the part had to be shipped from Chicago (I'm in Alabama) AND it had to be backordered...for 4 weeks. My kids and I had to move in with my mother for a month.

    I feel your pain . . .



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