Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Hatched A Dinosaur!

Well not me personally - well okay - yes, me. I take full responsibility. Let me explain.

 You may or may not remember a few years ago when I got a little crazy over the idea of three growing rubber spiders (see my blogpost here ). Here's a recap in case you missed it. My Aunt and Uncle sent the kids a package of rubber spiders that, once you put into water, grow. I kind of got a little obsessed with them and sort of adopted them as my own. (I actually still have them on display with my other collectibles and knick knacks - it's true.)

Anyway - fast forward to last weekend. We were at The Academy of Natural Sciences here in Philadelphia. Lo and behold, in the gift shop, I spotted a dinosaur egg that when placed in water hatches a real rubber dinosaur that (wait for it...) - grows in the water! Well you know I just had to have it. My six year old totally bought into the idea and before we knew it, we brought it home.

Of course my son I couldn't wait to get started! It took me a couple of tries but I finally found just the right sized container so as to make sure all sides of the egg were covered in water per the instructions.

And then we waited...

...and waited. Sure enough, just about at the 24 hour mark, the egg started cracking! I wanted to just rip it open, but I was good. These things take time you know! What if I hurt the poor little guy?

By the next morning ... I woke to find this adorable dino face peeking out at me. I think you'll agree - it was worth the wait!

PS - nothing helps get a sleepy six year old up in the morning better than - "the dino's head hatched!"

But there was more growing and waiting to be had. As the days went on during the week, Frank (that's what I named him) popped out more and more. By mid-week, I had to transplant him to a bigger bowl, where he continued to hatch. I'm not going to lie - I checked on him regularly during the day. I may have even sang songs to him to help with his entry into the world (okay, I didn't actually do this - or did I? There are no witnesses.)

By Friday, Frank was really making progress! We I was so proud.

And then finally - the day we had all been waiting for...

Welcome to the family Frank!! 



  1. WoW!!! i want one...
    thats so cute i am sure if i had it i would have become a li'l child myself who won't allow anyone to even touch my baby... ;)

    1. I know!! I finally had to give him back to my 6 year old...


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