Saturday, March 16, 2013

So My 15 Year Old Says....

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my kids – but I thought I should come here and set the record straight. Those of you who follow me on Facebook have already heard this story. (shameless plug ---> follow me here)

It seems that my 15 year old thinks all I do during the day is watch TV. Yup - that's right -  he told me the other night. Apparently, I was able to write five books in two years PLUS maintain two blogs AND do all the marketing and other work that goes along with ALL of that during the commercials! Yes – I am just that talented.

photo credit: rockcreek via photopin cc

The truth is, I think a lot of us stay at home parents and work at home parents just don’t get the recognition we deserve. I can’t speak for all of us – but here’s a list of things I personally do and do not do during the day:

-I DO NOT watch TV!!! I prefer to get all my news from the most reliable source out there (ie – Facebook).
-I DO try to write at least a couple of hours everyday (and hopefully more).
-I DO NOT eat bon-bons – I much prefer chips and ice cream.
-I DO play with the kitties. It’s hard not to when they sit on your head while writing.
-I DO NOT do laundry or clean the house (Oh wait – that’s supposed to be on the DO list isn’t it? Oops.)
-I DO drink mass quantities of coffee (Have I mentioned I love my Keurig?)
-I DO NOT goof off on Facebook and Twitter all day - - IT’S CALLED MARKETING PEOPLE!
-I DO give my 6-year-old lots of cuddles and kisses when he gets home from school.
-I DO NOT take naps (okay – I really do)
-I DO take my writer hat off at 4pm to help with homework, deal with teen drama, drive to activities, and prepare dinner.
-I DO work hard between the hours of 8:30-3:30, doing what I love to do – write, read, and promote my books and blogs.
-I DO work hard in the afternoon/evening hours doing what I love to do even more – take care of my family.

So there you have it and thanks for reading. Ooh, I gotta go. My show’s about to start ;)



  1. Kids. Gotta love them. But you also have to shake them sometimes, and then set the record straight. It's possible the part of your son's misconception here is due to the fact that he's a male. A lot of males figure that if a woman stays home, she lives the life of a queen...a queen who has an army of little cleaning, cooking and laundry fairies to take care of everything - while she sits around watching television and eating chips and ice cream all day. In your case, there must be writing, marketing, and editing fairies, too. :)

  2. I'm with ya. I'm a 'stay at home' mom. But I'm constantly at the school volunteering or substituting and in the other time I'm trying to keep everyone in socks and clean undies. Keep a healthy dinner on the table where we all dine together. Juggle appointments, extra curricular activities. And, in addition preparing for teaching CCD lessons each week, our annual Octoberfest for the kids, etc, etc.

    Some people (and kids) just don't get it. My kids pulled some of that with me once and I explained all this to them and asked them, "Where would you get your clean clothes, clean undies, clean towels from? Who would feed you and what would you eat? Daddy pays for the house, "I" run the house and manage the family."


  3. Fabulous post! My father-in-law comments on how much time I must have... I have two little ones who want me to play with them all the time. I can barely find time to read much less to watch TV. I am so far behind on my shows right now...

  4. I love this post! Funny and honest! You have a great balance to your list of Dos and Don'ts. :)


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