Friday, August 3, 2012

Which Came First: the Cereal or the Milk?

My five-year-old is a creature of habit. Almost every morning, he asks for cereal and milk for breakfast. Occasionally we have the request for waffles or eggs, but 9 times out of 10, I can count on a request for cereal and milk.

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So the other day, I stumbled into the kitchen with my not yet sipped cup of coffee and reached for a bowl. My five-year-old sat eagerly at the table, waiting for his morning feast.

As I began to pour the cereal, I heard him say, “Um, Mom, don’t you know you are supposed to put the milk in before the cereal?”

Huh? Is this true? Have I been preparing bowls of cereal incorrectly for the past 40 years?

So I asked him, “Why?”

You know what? His response of, “Well because then you know exactly how much cereal you need,” actually made sense - at least to my pre-coffee state of mind. No more wasted milk at the bottom of the bowl! Wow – of course! How did I miss this one? All these years I’d been calculating my milk to cereal ratio all wrong!

Do you know what I did next? Yup – that’s right, I poured the cereal back into the box (not as easy as it sounds), and poured in what I considered to be the perfect amount of milk into his bowl.

I then poured the cereal into the bowl. The milk of course splattered everywhere making a huge mess. My five-year-old burst out laughing. I was totally set up. Oh well, sometimes it's good to start the morning with giggles and messes.


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  1. That's brilliant! These youngsters know far too much!

    CJ x


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