Friday, June 22, 2012

The Friday Five 6-22-12

Hey all! So I have some news - The Friday Five will be going on a little hiatus..I've enjoyed sharing my weeks with you all for over a year now, but I'm ready for a change. Don't worry, I'll still be here blogging. I've got a lot to say you know! I also have some very cool guest posts coming up in the month of July and a few book reviews of my own. Plus book news, camp news, kids news ... you know the drill - just not necessarily on Fridays.

For those who have been on my blog this week, you know what's would have been on my Friday Five:
photo credit: Penumbra via photo pin cc
1. Packing
2. Packing
3. Packing
4. Packing
5. Packing

Get the picture? The two older kids leave for camp next Wednesday.

Oh - I almost forgot! I did have something else happen this week. My youngest and my daughter were in a dance recital on Saturday! They were both awesome - I'm a proud mama.

So usually I close by saying see you next Friday and hopefully sooner... but instead I'll wish you all a great weekend!


PS - be sure to stop by my blog next week as I continue my Camp Series with a re-posting of last year's Camp Part 2: The Drop Off... In case you missed it, here's Part 1 & what I've been up to all week!

Also if you have campers of your own, Baskets-n-Beyond now carries camp care packages!

For more information visit:

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