Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oops: The Sunday Six 5-20-12

The Sunday what?? I know – it’s supposed to be the Friday Five, but see – the thing is, I was on vacation this week, and even though I had my laptop with me and had the best intentions of posting a Friday Five, I sort of – forgot. To make it up to you, I’m posting six instead of five. Let me show you what distracted me:

1. Magic Kingdom

2. Epcot

3. Hollywood Studios

4. Animal Kingdom

5. Star Wars Weekend

See what I mean? It really is the happiest place on earth. But, now that I'm back home, it's back to work... So here’s number 6:

6. Book News. First of all - for those who won books during the blog tour - congratulations!!! Your prizes wil be in the mail first thing tomorrow. Now - for those living in and around Pennsylvania, I have two book signings coming up & I would love for you to stop by! This coming up Saturday (May 26) I will be at the Barnes & Noble in Jenkintown, PA and next Saturday (June 2) I will be at the Barnes & Noble in Oxford Valley, PA.  I hope to see you there! PS - If you want me to visit your local B&N, go there - beg, plead, & scream - or you can just tell them to email to set it up.

Thanks for sticking around two extra days! See you on Friday & hopefully sooner!


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