Monday, May 7, 2012

My Dirty Little Secret...

Stop right there! I'm not talking that kind of dirty little secret - this is a family friendly blog!! I'm talking about fingerprints!

It’s not often I review products – as you know, I’m more of a book person. In fact, I’ve been reading on my Kindle and iPhone more than ever before. Both of them are touch screen and both are full of fingerprints. Just the other day, I was showing my friend, Danielle, something on my fingerprinted iPhone. She pulled out a microfiber cloth with a beautiful eye-catching graphic on it. I just had to ask her about it!

Of course I'd seen plain cloths (like the one that came with the last pair of glasses I bought), but I’d never seen one looking like this before. She explained to me that it was a StarCloth (TM) – it’s not only a product that everyone needs, but also it’s an amazing marketing/promotional item. I decided to do a blog post on it, because I know that so many of my readers have their own businesses and products that they are trying to promote. This seems like such a great alternative to the usual postcards, pens, keychains, etc.

It’s genius really because – let’s face it - we all need to wipe the "schmutz" off of our smart phones, tablets, Kindles, iPods, touch screen navigation systems, flat screen monitors, glasses/sunglasses...the list goes on. I was totally intrigued by the graphics as well as the message on the cloth. (Turns out it was one they created for the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau. So smart to put a map of Center City Philadelphia on the back with the locations of hotels!)

What's cool is that there's almost no limit to the ways that the StarCloth can be used as a marketing tool - only your imagination. There's a lot of space on which to put your marketing message - way more than on a pen or mug, and it's definitely a "now" item. They’re great for fundraisers too. Once it gets into someone's hands, they'll be using it over and over (and seeing your message over and over.)

To see other StarCloths they've done or for more information, go to or email  Nate Rocks would look pretty good on there - don't you think?

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