Friday, May 25, 2012

The Friday Five 5.25.12

1. Post Vacation. Can I just say – I seriously need a vacation from my vacation? Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of going to Disney World, and I’m so grateful we had to opportunity to go – but boy am I tired!! I read that Disney is 29,000 acres in total, and if I had to guess, I’d say we walked about 28,950 of them! Yes - I'm quite sore this week.

2. Projects. Don’t hate me, but this is one of those I have something exciting going on, but I can’t tell you about it just yet sort of things. But believe me, once everything is finalized, you’ll be the first to know (or at least in the top 100.)

3. Award. My blog was awarded another award! I’m so excited. This time it’s the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you to both Anne Chaconas AND Eveli Acosta for nominating me. I so appreciate it. Later this week (I hope) I will do a blog post where I get to make my own nominations.

4. Millicent Marie. I’d like to introduce you all to my newest star! Millicent Marie is 12 years old and is the main character in my latest book, hopefully to be released by the end of the year: Millicent Marie is Not My Name. She’s quirky, feisty, and has much to tell the world. For those asking me to write a girls’ book next, this one is for you! I’m currently half way through the first draft of writing. I love her more and more every day, and I hope you will too!

5. Book news. I have an exciting weekend coming up! For those in and around the Philadelphia region, I will be signing Nate Rocks books at the Barnes and Noble in Jenkintown, PA tomorrow (Sat May 26) from noon-3pm. Even if you’re not from the area, it’s the perfect excuse for a road trip! In case you’re not around this weekend, I’ll be doing it again next Saturday (June 2) at the Barnes and Noble in Oxford Valley, PA. Hope to see you there!! In other book news, I will be on Edin Road Radio – Thursday May 31 at 6:30pm EST. Tune in - I’ll be reading from Nate Rocks the Boat as well as talking about all things Nate & Millicent!

Three more things (okay – so I guess it’s more like a Friday Eight - & here I was worried I wouldn’t have enough to talk about this week haha) First... I’m super proud of my husband. He not only successfully led the efforts in his office to take on a homeless Veteran’s advocacy pro-bono project in his law office, but he was also nominated by the American Bar Association to Vice-Chair one of their committees. So proud!

Second - the end of the school year is coming up for many - signed copies of the Nate Rocks books make excellent teacher/classroom/principal gifts! If you’d like to order any signed books directly from me (at $8/book plus shipping) please email

Last but not least – I’d like to wish everyone who celebrates, a very happy and safe Memorial Day weekend And a huge thank you to those who risked and continue to risk their lives to keep our country safe. I am thankful not only this weekend, but everyday.

See you next Friday & hopefully sooner!

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