Thursday, April 12, 2012

My National Library Week School Visit

Did you know this week is National Library Week? I only realized this about a month ago when I received an email from a man named David Florig. David is the director of an organization here in Philadelphia called WePAC – West Philadelphia’s Alliance for Children.

WePAC is an incredible organization. The sad reality is that many public schools do not have enough funding to keep their own in-school libraries up and running. Most of these schools are in impoverished neighborhoods. WePAC through its generous donors and volunteers, helps to re-open and maintain these libraries. Since starting its “open book, open mind” program in 2009, WePAC has re-opened 12 school libraries.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting The William Longstreth School, as their guest author to help celebrate National Library Week. The children and I had the BEST time. I met with both 2nd graders and 4th graders. These kids were AMAZING! I spent the first few minutes reading a little bit of Nate Rocks the World to them and talking about writing. Then it was their turn to interview me. They had awesome questions. Not only that – they had awesome suggestions! We wound up having a mini-brain storming session of what types of adventures they’d like to see Nate go on (sorry – not giving those away – you’ll just have to wait until book 3!)

The fourth-graders and I even wrote our own story about Nate going on a visit to the Baltimore Aquarium, involving an escape shark - of course Nate saved the day thanks to these quick thinking children! The second-graders had an opportunity to draw their own cartoon adventures, which included everything from a rocket trip to the sun to taking a zip-line through the jungle to getting stuck on the Eiffel Tower! Way to use your imaginations kids!

Thanks so much to WePAC & The William Longstreth School for the invitation. I hope to see you all again soon! 

Don't forget ... Reading Rocks!

Would you like me to visit your school? I'd love to! Visit my website for my contact and media information:

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