Friday, April 6, 2012

The Friday Five: 4-6-12

This week has been so crazy that I actually forgot today was Friday and almost missed posting a Friday Five!! Here’s the scoop:

1. Dance Competition. I’m either the best Mom ever or the craziest – you can decide. My daughter had a dance competition on Sunday. Her first dance was at noon and her last dance was at 4:00pm, but other teams from her school were dancing starting at 8:00am through the evening. She asked if we could go early to watch her friends - and then stay late. We left the house at 6:45am – on a Sunday – just because.... we were there until 10pm. I know she was the one dancing, but I felt like I had run a marathon. We had some crazy close costume changes in between dances and there was a lot of running around – did I mention the dressing room was up a flight of stairs? Anyway – all the kids did awesome and now we get a weekend off before the next round.

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2. Tax Season. Only 11 more days people! Some of the clients this week were a tad punchy. Look, I’m sympathetic, but it’s not my fault that you took so long to get your info into my office, so please do not take it out on me. It’s also not my fault that you don’t qualify for certain deductions this year or that you got a penalty for taking money out early from your retirement account. I’m just the messenger... so chill. Thank you :)

3. Garden. It’s that time of year when I start thinking about what to plant. I’ve got my seeds all ready, and I plan to get them started inside this week – lettuce, peas, beans, carrots, and cucumbers. Then my favorite – the tomatoes! I love this time of year! Who’s with me?

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4. Library Week. Did you know that this coming up week is National Library Week? I’m so excited to be included among the list of authors who will be visiting some Philadelphia public schools with the West Philadelphia Alliance for Children. I have some fun activities planned for the children! Show your own library some love this week!

5. Book News. Early reviews are starting to come in for Nate Rocks the Boat, and I’m so excited by the feedback! Risteh Kala’s Book Reviews gave it five stars, and  here’s what Author Stacey Rourke had to say:

"Nate Rocks is back and better than ever! Author Karen Pokras Toz sticks with a formula that works in her sequel Nate Rocks the Boat. With her flare for description Toz gives us the heebie jeebies at a slithering rattle snake about to strike, makes us laugh out loud at an over zealous camp counselor, and snicker behind our hand when Nate takes a horse shoe to the face in a backyard game gone wrong. But in the end we learn that thanks to his active imagination and clever thinking Nate truly does rock! This is a must have for the young readers in your life!"

Thank you Stacey!

I hope everyone has a great week! Leave me a comment and let me know what’s in your Friday Five. See you next Friday and hopefully sooner!


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