Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: Defiance by Valerie Hobbs

In my daughter's quest to win a Kindle Fire sponsored by Alan Tucker, Author of the Mother-Earth Series, she has written another book review! Hopefully soon she'll start writing reviews without having to be bribed with gifts :)

Here you go - this book sounds pretty great actually: Defiance by Valerie Hobbs

Reviewed by Sarah B. - age 11:

Defiance is about a boy named Toby who has cancer. He's on vacation but he can't do a lot because of his over protective mom. One day he's riding his bike and meets an old lady named Pearl and a cow named Blossom. Pearl is nearly blind but teaches Toby many things and teaches him about the love of poetry. But Toby finds a bump on his leg. He doesn't want to tell his mom and return to the hospital.

I loved Defiance. It was a great book. It's a great book for kids in 4th-7th grade and even some adults. Especially if you love cows. You'll love it.

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