Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nate Rocks the World S@mple Sunday - #winwithebooks Edition

For those who did not know, my husband and I are planning a trip to Disney World in May. I am SO excited - I haven't been there since before Epcot was built a long - long - long - long (you get the idea) time ago. So seeing as though I am in Disney mode, I thought I would post an excerpt of Nate's trip to Disney with his family from Nate Rocks the World:

For the record, going on vacation with Abby and her friend Emma, so far, has been no picnic. The original plan was to go to Disney first for three days, then spend a day at the Kennedy Space Center, and finally spend a day at the beach before flying back home on the sixth day. Abby and Emma started complaining from the moment our plane hit the runway in Florida: “my back hurts from sitting so long,” “I’m hungry,” “why can’t Emma and I just go to the mall since it’s raining anyway?”

It’s true; it was raining our first day in Florida. But Dad decided to stick to the plan, and we headed over to the Magic Kingdom, nonetheless. That brought on even more complaints from my lovely sister and her friend: “my hair will frizz,” “my shoes will get ruined,” “how will I tan if it is raining?” It was definitely going to be a long week.

Much to my surprise, going to Disney World in the rain actually turned out okay. For starters, there were no lines for any of the attractions, which were mostly either covered or indoors. Tommy tried his best to get me to go on Space Mountain with him, but I refused. In the end, Dad went with him. Abby and Emma refused to go on any rides at all. All they did the entire day was sulk and complain, and then sulk some more. Of course, that made Mom angry, and then she began to sulk and complain as well. By the end of the afternoon, I’m pretty sure Dad was wishing that he had made this a ‘boys only’ trip.

However, I didn’t let any of that get to me. Even though I knew Space Mountain wasn’t for me, there were plenty of other attractions that I loved.


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