Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Light at The Bottom of the Purse

The question usually starts like this, “Do you have a....?”

The answer usually results in me opening up my handbag, digging around for a bit, and retrieving the requested item. 95% of the time, at least. Do I remember putting the item in there? Nope. But somehow, I’m able to just put my hand into the bottomless pit and find what I’m looking for.

Sometimes, I pull something out the unexpected (hello sticky half eaten lollipop my 5 year old gave me to put back into the wrapper for later ... about a year ago.)

Sometimes I’ll find something I thought was long gone (Aha – that’s where my ipod went!)

Of course, there is always that 5% of the time when I can’t find what I’m looking for – usually this involves keys and money.

I know I need to just dump everything out and clean the darn thing out, but quite frankly, I’m afraid of the disastrous abyss that awaits me. When I switch purses (and yes, I have several of these ridiculously over sized bags) I usually just grab the essentials – my wallet, cell phone, checkbook, etc – and transfer them into the new bag – which is often already full of all of my other stuff that I just *need* to carry with me at all times.

I’ve tried to pare down and purchase smaller purses, but then when I run out of room, and I need to decide what gets left behind, I start to hyperventilate slightly. Okay, not really, but what if my 5 year old needs a change of clothes or it starts raining and I need my umbrella? Or what if someone needs a first aid kit? Or sunscreen? Or hand lotion? Or wipes?

Or snacks – sticky year old lollipop anyone?

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