Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Bloggers Rock the World! #Winwithebooks

No, I’m not talking about myself. I blog, but I’m not a true book blogger. Yes, I talk about books here and there, but I blog mostly just to have a place to ramble, since my kids rarely seem to let me get a word in. Don’t get me wrong – I love blogging. It’s just that my blog is barely a tiny blip in the blogging world.

I’m talking about the amazing bloggers out there who blog about books and authors because they themselves love to read and write, and they want to spread that message to the rest of the world.

Just about one year ago, I published Nate Rocks the World. I knew having an Internet presence was important and was prepared to do some heavy-duty online marketing. However, I was not prepared for the amazing and supportive group of authors and bloggers I would meet along the way.

At first I was incredibly intimidated by these bloggers. They just seemed so together, and I was still so new to the whole scene. I kind of felt like the new kid in school. However, I pulled on my big girl pants, and I reached out to a handful of them, hoping someone might be interested in reviewing my book. The response I received blew me away. Not only were they happy to review my book, they acted like I was doing them a favor by allowing them to review my book. I seriously was (and still am) in awe of these amazing people.

Over the past year, I have *met* so many wonderful and talented bloggers. Recently, I decided to put together a casual blog tour for Nate Rocks the Boat, coming out May 1st. I contacted some of the bloggers who so graciously hosted Nate Rocks the World. Once again the response was awesome.

Now, I'm in the middle of the Win With E-Books Promotion - what's that you ask? Well - for the March promotion, Win With E Books is giving you an opportunity to buy one participating ebook at $0.99 and get a second participating ebook for FREE. Plus, you have a chance to win one of several Amazon gift cards being given away! Guess how readers are finding out about the giveaway and the books being offered, including Nate Rocks & Julia's Song? That's right  - Bloggers! Fabulous and talented bloggers.

To see a listing of some the amazing bloggers lined up for the Nate Rocks the Boat blog tour and bloggers who have supported me over the past year, visit my website. They are truly a wonderful group of bloggers who I have loved getting to know and appreciate immensely!

Today, I'd like to give a special thanks to all the bloggers working hard for the Win With E-Books promotion going on this weekend – you all totally rock:

Ritesh Kala's Book Reviews:
Tami - Krazy Book Lady:
Jessica Lay:
Suzie Welker:
Kristine Morton-Weekley (AKMamma): The Cabin Goddess & 

Alaskan Dreams - a pocketful of snowflakes
Tricia Kristufek:
Cheryl Casement:
Donna Brown:

Donna Huber:
Angela Donner - Library Girl Reads & Reviews: 

Coral Russell -

Yes – I’m gushing, but I truly could not have gotten the word out about Nate Rocks without these amazing people! Be sure to stop by their blogs and show them some love!

Win With eBooks

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