Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Opposite of Writer's Block

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I have a problem. I have the opposite of writer’s block. Now before you *pshaw* me (or something stronger), hear me out. It’s a serious problem. Particularly for someone like me who cannot multi-task to save her life! I don’t care what people say about women and their innate ability to multi-task. This women is seriously lacking in that department. Texting while walking? Not happening. Folding laundry while on the phone? It will probably wind up in the refrigerator. See? I’ve already gone completely off topic! Okay, perhaps it’s more of an ADD issue, but the bottom line is I cannot concentrate on more than one task at a time. So let’s get back to the original problem – my over active brain.

It started a couple of years ago when I began writing. I was completely focused on writing my novel, an adult contemporary story. I had a lovely little outline, with a timeline for each character. Everything was going just fine when WHAM! An entirely different story, in an entirely different genre, popped into my head. Enter Nate Rocks. I worked quickly to finish my current project, not putting nearly as much heart and soul into the last chapters as I had in the beginning chapters. I just wanted it finished so I could explore these new ideas that were coming fast and furious.

I tucked my adult book neatly back onto my hard drive and clicked “new document.” It was time to get started on this new kid’s story. My brain behaved, thankfully, and Nate Rocks the World came alive. Once published, I decided it was time to revisit my very first manuscript. I struggled through the first fifty pages. I just couldn’t put Nate out of my mind. I needed to write more about him and his adventures. So for the second time, my poor adult manuscript was pushed to the back burner. A few months later, I proudly sent the second of the Nate Rocks books – Nate Rocks the Boat – off to my editor. (By the way, it comes out May 1, 2012!)

Okay, now, it was time. I think you know what is coming. Yup that’s right – take three on that original manuscript. A funny thing happens as you develop as a writer. You discover that your first manuscript is really awful! I decided to re-write the entire thing. I was pumped up. Ready to tackle this project once and for all. I hate to say it, but it happened again as I rounded chapter six. And not just with one new project idea, but with three completely different ideas.

The first is a third Nate Rocks book. Seeing as though book two is not even out yet, I decided this one could wait. I returned to my story. But then a few days later, a second idea came – this time a new middle grade novel about a 12 year old girl. Again – I was very excited, but determined to finish my current project. I wrote a page of notes for my new main character, came up with a possible title, and put it to the side. This current project was getting done. Period. Then a few days later – a third project. A joint project with another author that really caught my attention. Nope! It was going to have to wait.

I have to get this finished. On top of all of that, my editor returned Nate Rocks the Boat to me, and I still have to go through that manuscript again asap. What to do? What to do? I know working on both WIPs at the same time is not going to happen. I have reviewers currently lined up for both books. I desperately want to start writing these new books. And I have a long list of blog posts I want to write as well. Oh and did I mention it's tax season? My seasonal day job is back in full swing.

Why yes my head is spinning. I suppose it’s all good. I would just like to slow it down slightly.

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