Sunday, February 5, 2012

Longer Than Six-Sentence Sunday: Nate Rocks the Boat – Sneak Peek!

My original plan was to do a Six Sentence Sunday this week with a peek of my soon to be released book: Nate Rocks the Boat. But as usual, I had trouble finding an excerpt I wanted to share that was only six sentences. Plus, the book is not final yet, as it is still off with my editor. So I was going to scrap the post all together.

But then, I was asked to do an interview by blogger and book reviewer Ritesh Kala. Ritesh recently reviewed Nate Rocks the World (thanks for the 5 stars Ritesh) and wanted to follow up with a few questions. One of his questions asked for an excerpt from my next book.

So I did what I usually do when I am asked for an excerpt. I opened the manuscript and randomly picked a page... A page that happened to have a letter to Mom from Nathan (from overnight camp.)

Dear Mom,

Sorry you couldn’t make it to visiting day. To be honest, you really didn’t miss much, although it was nice to see Dad. My friend Charlie’s mom and dad came in first place in the three-legged relay race. Dad and Mr. Jensen were also in the race. They were partners, but fell over each other after one hop and never finished. Then Abby hit Mrs. Jensen in the face with an egg that she was supposed to be throwing to me in the egg toss competition. Abby says it’s my fault. She says if I hadn’t been standing so close to Mrs. Jensen, she wouldn’t have hit her. If you ask me, Abby just has bad aim – or needs glasses – maybe both. Anyway, I hope you are having a nice time with Grandma and all of these relatives I previously knew nothing about. Perhaps we can have a family reunion when camp is over, so I can meet them. Miss you.


P.S. Remember Mama T’s dog Daisy? She finally had her puppies last week.


Stay tuned for more excerpts from Nate Rocks the Boat in the coming weeks!


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