Monday, January 9, 2012

Sleep vs. The Cold...

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You know that commercial where one spouse takes the cold medicine and sleeps soundly, and the other one doesn’t and is up all night? ...Yeah.... It’s not my fault. Those medicines never agree with me, the side effects usually wind up being worse than the problem I was originally trying to treat.

I wasn’t planning on blogging today, but since I apparently have a few hours to kill...

It’s been a while since I’ve been sick like this. The last time was about two years ago (almost to the day) I remember, because we were re-doing our kitchen, and I had bronchitis. In fact, my Facebook status (which frankly, I’m too lazy to look up) was something to the effect of – it’s probably not a good idea for bronchitis girl to be in the house with all this drywall dust – or something along those lines.

Isn’t it funny how we can remember our old Facebook statuses based on different events in our lives (or is it just me and if it is, please just nod in agreement anyway – I’m old, sick, and tired.) Anyway, I find it kind of ironic because we haven’t really done any major home repairs since then, and in just a few hours, the contractor will be knocking on the door to start our second big project since we moved into this house over 8 years ago. And yes, there will again be drywall dust to contend with. Talk about deja vu.

This time we are tackling two rooms – our family room and our back room (aka our future ‘man cave’ minus the corner carved out for me for an office. Does that negate the room of being a man cave? I think I may have to blog about that separately one day.) Both rooms were the victims of major flooding last winter. We put on the new roof in the spring and finally, it’s time to tackle the interior.

I’m excited – well except for the drywall dust part, and the noise, and this cold, and my lack of sleep...

Thanks for keeping me company tonight!


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