Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolutions – Dreams Can Come True

I’ll admit it – I am one of those people who pigs out from Thanksgiving though New Years. It’s okay though because starting January 1st ... 6th , I’ll start dieting and exercising. You know – "New Year... New You" and all that business.

But in 2010, I did make a resolution that changed my life. For thirteen years, I had been carrying around an idea in my head for a book (No, not Nate, this is a different book.) I tried to sit down and write it many times over the years and just could never get past a couple of paragraphs. In 2010, I resolved to write three chapters. They didn’t even have to be the first three chapters; I just wanted to get the process started. It seemed doable – I had an entire year to accomplish this. It wasn’t until May of that year that I decided to sit down and start.

photo credit: Adikos via photo pin cc

I wish I could tell you what happened – explain this overwhelming feeling that came over me. Whereas in the past, I struggled to get out just a few sentences, this time the words flowed ... and flowed ... and flowed. I just couldn’t stop! I HAD to write everyday. For years I tried to get up early to exercise (which by the way, still wasn’t happening) yet, I was more than willing to get up at the crack of dawn to write.

Within three months, I had 85,000 word novel under my belt. I felt GREAT! I hired a “writing coach” to work through some holes and other editing issues, I sent out agent queries, I ‘filed’ away the rejections, and I moved on. Strangely, I wasn't disappointed - I had found a new passion. Two months later, I created Nate Rocks.

 Did it matter that I didn't start on January 1st? No. Did it feel awesome to accomplish a goal? Oh yeah! Will I try to stick to my other two resolutions? Perhaps ...

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