Monday, December 5, 2011

I’m On To You Holiday Shopping!

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I have some friends who bundled up in layers - flyers in hand, just to stand in line hours before the stores opened for Black Friday. The just had to get the best deal possible. I can sympathize, really I can. The economy is awful, and you still want to be able to get your friends and family the perfect gift.... on sale.

But I refused to go. Why put myself through the pushing, the crowds, THE COLD – when there would be sales all season long.

“What?” You say, “No way will you get the same deals you get on Black Friday. That’s why it’s called Black Friday!”

Oh yeah? Well check out the emails that have been streaming into my inbox at an alarming rate:

From Babies R Us: “It’s Cyber Monday All Week Long!” um... Cyber Monday was a week ago wasn’t it?

From Toys R Us:  “Save Like It's Black Friday!” Sure - don't mind if I do...

New York & Co: “$100. One Day Only. WOW” (Tomorrow it will most likely say the same thing with an “offer extended” tacked on.)

Aeropostale: “Holiday Gifts Start at $4!”

TigerDirect: “Black Friday II ... Laptops from $249” (I have no doubt there will be a Black Friday III & IV)

And the list goes on and on.

I know there are people who actually enjoy the “sport” of Black Friday. For you, I say – go for it ... & have fun?

But for the rest of us – do not feel like you are doomed if you don’t join in the Battle of Black Friday (or Cyber Monday.) Rest assured, there are many more sales to be had.

Happy Shopping!!


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