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The Five Most Inspirational Places to Write

The following is a re-print of a guest post I recently wrote for Literal Exposure as part of my Blog Tour with Pump Up Your Book.  Thanks so much for letting me invade your blog for the day!


The Five Most Inspirational Places to Write

One question I am asked often, is how I came up with all of Nate’s adventures for my book Nate Rocks the World. I’d like to say, I am able to just sit at my keyboard while the words flow perfectly by themselves, but I can’t. While I do write best in the morning hours, I am never quite sure when an idea is going to hit me. Since my memory is fading at a rapid pace as the years creep by, I always make sure I have something available with me to jot down my thoughts. So where am I when these bursts of ideas decide to show up? Here are the five most idea gathering inspirational places for me:

1. The Shower.  I cannot explain the reasoning, but as soon as the water starts, so do the ideas. At first this was a real problem, seeing as though I had nowhere to record any of these thoughts. But – I actually stumbled on an amazing product called AquaNotes –a waterproof pad of paper and pencil set that you attach to your shower wall. It is seriously the best invention ever.

2.The Bus Stop. Every weekday at 3:55 I venture to the end of my street to wait for the return of my kindergartener. I frequently will use the notepad app on my phone if something pops into my head while standing there. In fact, I practically wrote this entire post while waiting out there the other day.

3. In The Car. Don’t worry, I wait until I’m stopped before writing anything down – generally on an old coffee stained napkin. Yes, I am aware they make memo pads that attach to one’s dashboard.

4. In line at the Grocery Store. I know what you are thinking – I should be keeping up with my reading of current events while waiting in line at the grocery store. You know – who is having an affair this week, which star might be pregnant, alien sightings, and all that other good stuff. Instead I am writing down ideas on expired coupons.

5. Work. Don’t tell my boss – enough said.

As you can imagine, I have many scraps of papers with notes on them floating around my desk. 


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