Saturday, November 26, 2011

Go to Sleep ... Wake up!

When my kids were little, I felt like I (along with many other parents) spent an incredible amount of energy just trying to get my children to sleep. For the most part, they fought me every step of the way. My youngest stopped napping at around eighteen months AND did not yet sleep through the night. *sigh*

photo credit: Valentina via photopin (license)

Then when each child hit five years old (give or take), things changed. I like to call these years “the slumber years.” During these years, my kids would go to bed and get up in the morning for school without argument ... 90% of the time (which I would gladly accept.) On the weekends, they’d either sleep in or get up and entertain themselves until a reasonable hour (Funny how when you are a parent, you consider 7:30-8:00a.m. sleeping in.)

As my two older kids now round the corner into the teenage years, however, “the slumber years” look more like “the hibernation years.” I’m beginning to question whether my oldest – my son – is actually part bear. It’s at this point, where, as a parent, you switch from the ‘go to sleep’ mode to the ‘wake up’ mode.

School mornings involve alarm clocks in each of their rooms, followed by, “Are you up?” yelled down the hallways at 5 minute intervals. A grumbly, “yeah” is usually the response. After a third five minutes – it’s lights on followed by, “Get Up!!” That usually does the trick.

photo credit: Despertador via photopin (license)

On the weekends, if I wake my oldest at 10:30a.m. he acts like I’ve woken him at the crack of dawn.

As I write this post it is 8:30 on a Saturday. My five-year-old has been up for an hour and my two older kids are sleeping soundly. Should we make some noise?


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