Friday, November 18, 2011

The Friday Five 11-18-11

Hi everyone! I hope it’s been a good week. This week flew by for me.. here’s why:

1. Birthday! Tuesday was my birthday. On Sunday, my Mother-in-law offered to babysit and I was so excited to have a date night with my husband. I was even more excited to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant that I had not been to for ages - - we don’t get out much apparently, because not only was my favorite restaurant out of business, but it had a sign on it from Cinco de Mayo. Sigh. I had Mexican food on the brain, so we wound up going to a fast food Mexican place (better than Taco Bell, but not nearly as good as the place that closed up.) Oh well – it was still a very nice birthday.

2. Kindle. For my birthday, my husband bought me the new Kindle Touch. Not exactly a surprise since I sent him the link to show him what I wanted (that’s what we do in our house.) But I did sort of get a surprise – it wasn’t supposed to ship until next week and instead it came yesterday! I’ve already got it loaded up and ready to go. I’ll blog a review about it once I get my feet wet, and I’ll also talk about why I went with the Touch instead of the Fire.

3. Deja Vu. And not the good kind. Our oldest cat, Vaughn is now sick and not doing well. He is 17 just like Sterling, who we lost over the summer. I really am not up for going through another heartbreak right now... will keep you posted.

4. Arthritis. Today I am being interviewed on behalf of the Arthritis Foundation for the newspaper. It is hard to believe that the Annual Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Walk/Run is less then a month away! I am truly touched by the generosity of so many people who have already donated. To date we have raised $2,225.00! But we are still so far from our goal of $5,000. If you would like to help either with a donation or by joining our team, we would be so grateful. We so appreciate all of your support!

5. Book News. I don’t even know where to begin – can you see my head spinning? Okay- here are some of the highlights:

  • There are two giveaways going on right now one at Mom Does Reviews and one at Goodreads.  Enter both to increase your chances of winning one of three signed copies of Nate Rocks the World.
  • Read my latest review and get a great recipe with Martha Cheves on her blog, A Book and A Dish .
  • I have a button thanks to For You P.R. - they are awesome and are helping me with many of my upcoming events. If you need PR help, check them out - they rock! If you have a blog or website and would like to support Nate Rocks the World, you can find the code for the button in the side margin toward the bottom -------->
  • Finally – there is so much going on in December, including a book tour and some radio shows! Get all the scoop on my website. Many thanks to For You P.R. and Cheryl from Pump Up Your Book for organizing everything!

Hope everyone has a great weekend – thanks for checking in. Leave me a comment and let me know what’s in your Friday Five. See you next Friday... and hopefully sooner!


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