Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scenes from My Shower

Get your mind out of the gutter… this is not that kind of blog!

It occurred to me (while in the shower) today, that I actually get more accomplished in my fifteen minute shower than I do at any other time. I’m not referring to my hygiene (although you can be assured that hygiene practices certainly do take place).

I am talking about ideas, plans, lists and tasks. All of these seem to rush at me the moment I step into the water. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that no one is talking, crying, whining or yelling. (And by no one, I mean my children. On second thought, they may be doing all of the above, but since I can’t here them, it doesn’t matter.) I also appreciate the fact that nothing is ringing, beeping, or buzzing. What ever the reason, my time in the shower is most productive.

The shower is where I came up with the story lines for both of my books. It is where I come up with most of my ideas for my blog posts (including this one). It is even where I wrote most of my speech for my son’s Bar Mitzvah. It is where I think of the best retorts to conversations long past (so frustrating!). I also think of items to add to my calendar and grocery lists. I come up with recipes, gift ideas and various other tasks I need to remember to do during the day. Which leads me to my dilemma – how to remember my ideas once I turn the shower off?

I do keep a pad and pen close by, but unless I want a runny mess that I cannot decipher later, I need to dry off first. Unfortunately, those few seconds usually result in me forgetting the perfect wording that had been in my head just moments earlier. That is, assuming I make it from the bathroom to the pad of paper without being accosted by one of the above-mentioned children. Should that happen, then both the wording and the idea are gone indefinitely.

Also while in the shower, I have thought up solutions to help retain these shower-induced thoughts. They include a waterproof hand held voice-recorder and a waterproof whiteboard with waterproof pen/ink that could hang on the shower wall. Should anyone like to develop such products, feel free.

The idea for the end of this post did not make it to the paper on time… but there is always hope it will come back to me during tomorrow’s shower.


  1. My shower. My sanctuary.

    I like your post. I know what you mean by having to dry off first, you just can't be fast enough not to lose the idea. But I've found out that drying only the hand you are writing with does the job really well, too. An idea: if one of your children is 'blocking' the way to your pad of paper, don't give them a chance to even start asking you questions. Just look at it and repeat the sentence you're about to write down over and over again. This might result in completely confused children but hey, at least you saved the idea!

    Good luck on your first novel!

  2. Letterbowl... actually my kids are used to me talking to myself! Love your advice - thank you!

  3. Hi, Karen. Followed you here from LinkedIn. Hope that's OK; we Karen's have to stick together, ya know. I listened to a great podcast on Joanna Penn's website. It was about the brain and how it works with writers. Really interesting stuff. This expert explained the science behind why we writers think of great ideas when we aren't at the computer. Anyway - I have a very helpful suggestion too. Did you know that there are pens and whiteboards that you can use for writing under water? That's how scientists take notes while swimming among fishies and even sharks. You might want to get a couple of those...hehehe. ~Karen2

  4. Hi Karen - you know when I was in junior high, my two best friends were also named Karen. I was K2 :) Thanks for reading my blog - I had no idea about the underwater whiteboards. I will investigate!!

  5. Love it!!! I get great ideas in the shower and lose most of them before I get dried off. I've often wanted to find something that would let me write in the shower. This should do the trick : )


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