Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Help Me Choose A Book Cover!

Hey everyone! I have some exciting news! Last fall I spent some time writing again, only this time I wrote a children's novel, geared toward third through sixth grade readers. I've decided to try my hand at publishing and hopefully soon, Nate Rocks the World will be available in print on & B& both in hard copy & electronic copy!  I'm very excited and I hope your child will be as well.

But - I need your help! Below are several cover options that I created using a fun (sort of) graphics design program (Serif DrawPlus). Let me tell you - designing a cover is not easy! I am far from an artist, but I actually did the entire thing freehand (with the exception of my perfectly round circle that I used for the globe & the guitar which was a stock photo). If anyone is looking for a great FREE easy to use graphics program I highly recommend this one.

In Nate Rocks the World, the main character of the book is a boy who draws cartoons of himself doing all sorts of heroic feats. These cartoons of course come to life, transforming ordinary fourth grader, Nathan Rockledge into the fabulous and fearless Nate Rocks. For this cover, I was trying to depict how Nathan would draw Nate, and so I want it to look like a cartoon that a ten year old might draw. Not entirely off base, since that is pretty much my skill level when it comes to drawing.

There are two basic designs (the difference is in his right arm/hand placement) as well as several background color options. Please comment on your choice of design and color. Any and all feedback or ideas are welcome either in the comments here or on my facebook page.

Option 1 - Yellow background/ hand not touching world


Option 2 - Purple background/ hand holding up world


Option 3 - Yellow background/ hand holding up world


Option 4 - Green background/ hand not touching world


Option 5 - White background/ hand not touching world


Thank you so much and pass along the word to any young readers you know!


  1. How exciting!
    I vote for option 1. yellow cover, hand not touching....or....this is your Aunt Harriet of course.....option 4. Green cover, hand not touching.
    I like the drawing.

    Can't wait to read it!!!!!

  2. I love the yellow cover with Nate holding up the world. It seems more real in depicting the title.
    What a fabulous blog.

    uncle Steven

  3. Have you already tried getting an agent or publisher? I think you should. It sounds like a great book. What a unique idea!

  4. Number 1 stands out with the yellow background. Very nice!


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