Monday, October 18, 2010

The Real Reason The Phillies Win Games

I live with a die-hard Philadelphia Phillies fan. For those who have seen the movie ‘Fever Pitch’ starring Jimmy Fallon, you know who I mean. Case in point - my youngest son shares the same name as one of the Phillies’ starting pitchers. Now admittedly, I have always liked his name, but I can’t say for sure that my husband would have so readily agreed if say, The Yankees, had someone on their team with the same name. If fact, 3 of our top 4 names for my son happened to be names of starting Phillies…coincidence?

My wedding anniversary was this past weekend. My husband had a ticket to the first game of Phillies play-off series for that night. Had our friend not had an extra ticket, we would have spent the night apart. Would I have been disappointed? Yes. Would I have been surprised? No. My husband has had the same Phillies season ticket package with the same group of people long before I ever came into the picture, and post season games are serious business! The night also happened to be my husband’s birthday (I won’t say how old, but it is a milestone year). So, I did what any good wife would do – I threw on my Phillies sweatshirt and baseball cap and headed off to the ballpark for a romantic evening with 45,000 other people.

Sadly, the Phillies did not win.

The next day, a few of our friends who were also at the game came over to our house to analyze the game.

The reasons The Phillies lost were numerous:

-one guy who always ate salted pistachios at every winning game, had switched to unsalted - or was it the other way around?

-another friend of ours who claims that every time she watches the game on TV they lose, had inadvertently turned on the TV.

-my husband blamed it on his Hamels jersey - apparently, wearing it keeps the Phils from winning.

-somebody even implied that the Phillies had won every game until I had attended!

The only thing that didn’t come up, was that maybe the Phillies didn’t play at their best… yeah I said it. However, if my husband feels that shaving off his ‘play-off’ beard will help, I’m all for it!

All in all, the weekend was still great, I got to spend my anniversary with my husband, we have a fun get together on Sunday and the Phillies wound up winning their second game....must have been my Pesto Chicken - - Go Phils!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are You A List Maker?

From Wikpedia: A checklist is a type of informational job aid used to reduce failure by compensating for potential limits of human memory and attention.

I am a list maker. Some people prefer sticky notes, some leave messages for themselves on their voice mail, some email themselves, and some people can keep it all in their heads (I hate you by the way). Not me, I need a list – and not just any list, I need separate lists - there can be no commingling.

So how exactly did I turn into my mother? Well, it turns out that mom’s lives are complicated!!

For shopping, I have my my grocery store list (sometimes two separate grocery stores depending on what I need), I have my Target list, my Walgreens list, and my BJ’s list.

I have my to-do list, which has now broken out into a Bar Mitzvah to-do list (only a few weeks away -Yikes!), a phone call list, a forms list, and a general to-do list. Speaking of Bar Mitzvahs, I also have a guest list I am trying to wrangle (sorry if you are not on it, I wish we could have invited more, but at $75/head, I need to be able to still pay the bills). Oh yeah – I also have a bills list - funny how I keep forgetting about that one!

Then there are the kid lists. Since my 7th grader has selective memory, I try to go on the school website daily and make a list of his assignments to make sure he has them all. I’m happy to report his organizational skills are improving & he will be making his own lists in no time. We also have reading lists, school supply lists, activities lists and at one point, we had a chore list that seems to have suspiciously gone missing.

Since I have finally finished my book (Yay!), I now have an agent & publisher list. Sadly, I also have a growing rejection list as well…. but fear not, I also have a list of ideas for a second book that I hope to start  soon.

No, I haven’t started my holiday list yet, but I’m sure it is only a matter of time before I get cracking on those. Yes those – there is the Hanukkah list, the Christmas list, the card list, the company list and the meal lists.

I know I am missing some of the other lists I have floating around. Hmmm – perhaps I need a list of my lists.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Speaking of Causes…. Team Toz Hits The Pavement!

5 years ago, I knew what it felt like to have enough energy to take my kids to the park. I knew what if felt like to be able to play with my kids on the floor. I knew what it felt like to be able to move freely. 5 years ago, I knew what it felt like to be pain-free.

When my doctor first told me I had arthritis, I thought she was mistaken. Arthritis was for old people. I was only in my thirties. My pain was from overdoing it at tennis. I just wanted a referral for some physical therapy so I could be on my way.

She explained to me that I had “rheumatoid arthritis” or RA, a disease that is blind to age. RA is an autoimmune disease. Essentially, your body’s immune system believes your joints are “bad” & tries to destroy them. In addition, like most auto-immune diseases, RA causes exhaustion. Not just, ‘I’m tired because I need to sleep better at night exhaustion’ - I’m talking about ‘unable to function at 1:00 in the afternoon exhaustion.’

Over the last 3 years, I have tried more drugs then I can remember. I’ve had allergic reactions,  hair loss, weight gain, headaches, nausea, bruises, broken bones, fevers, insomnia and multiple infections. I’ve had to give myself weekly injections, go through regular blood draws to make sure my liver is functioning and deal with monthly IVs.

The drugs unfortunately, work by suppressing my immune system. I have had to keep myself as isolated as possible from anyone who appears sick, so as not to get sick myself. Not an easy task with my little one in preschool! I’ve had to stop and restart treatment several times now due to illness. If I am not able to stay on the drugs, I will soon be out of treatment options.

For the second year now, my amazing husband John, is running the Arthritis Foundation’s 5K Jingle Bell Run this December; not just for me, but for the millions of adults and children who suffer from this debilitating disease every day.

Like many diseases, there have been great strides made in research, but no cure. Last year, thanks to the generosity of our family & friends we raised over $500. This year, we want to raise even more.

If you would like to help “Team Toz” this year either by running/walking with Team Toz, or with a donation, check out our team web page. We thank you so much for your support!!

Also – if you would like to understand the story behind the “spoons” & get a glimpse into ‘a day in the life of ' check out this article – a must read if you or someone you care about suffers from a chronic disease.

The Spoon Theory

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