Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine Wishes - How it all Began

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Happy Valentine's Day!

I know I'm a little late - - Welcome to my crazy and unorganized life. It's not that I forgot it was Valentine's Day, it's just that I forgot I wanted to write this post. Sorry blog, you always seem to be last on the list. But then yesterday, I went to the grocery store. Stay with me, I promise this will make sense. At least I hope it will.

You see, we were out of cat litter and my son's allergy medicine and bananas and I really wanted some California rolls for lunch, and … where was I? Oh yeah, Valentine's Day. It was everywhere. From the bunches of roses when I first walked in, to the heart-shaped everything in the bakery. Even the checkout lane was re-named "Lover's Lane."

As I waited behind someone who had two separate orders and wanted a price check on a dozen organic eggs that couldn't possibly cost $5.99 (they did and she bought them anyway), I started thinking about Valentine's Day. That got me thinking about romance, which got me thinking about The Whispered Wishes romance series I wrote a few years ago. That got me thinking about a scene in book two, Holly's Wishes, where Holly's sister, Tessa discusses her theory on the first Valentine's Day and why. That reminded me that I wanted to share the scene on my poor neglected blog and … Ta Da! Of course, since I stink at multi-tasking, all of this blog-wheel turning took place while I stood in line NOT unloading the contents of my cart onto the empty checkout counter. (Sorry nice people behind me!)

So ... since I mucked up the grocery store line with my zone-out idea-generating ... it's only fair that I now share the true origins of Valentine's Day — As per Tessa Haines of Holly's Wishes —even if it is a little late:

“Valentine’s Day was surely a holiday created by some sadistic person hoping to torture all of the single people in the world,” Holly said, filling her glass with wine.
They sat in Tessa’s tiny apartment, wallowing over the fact it was February fourteenth and neither one of them had a significant other.
“Actually,” Tessa stated, pouring a glass for herself, “I have visions of this big roundtable, with a bunch of guys sitting around it somewhere in the 1800s or something, and having a conversation like this …”

“Aye, Arthur, we need to make more money this year. Our garden productions were fine, but the demand was just not what it should have been.”
“Indeed, Theodore, my printing business has been on the decline as well. How has your confectionary business been, Herbert?”
“I declare, they’ve been frightfully low. If only we could think of a way to increase the demand for chocolate.”
“And flowers,” added Theodore.
“And cards,” Arthur stated. “Even if it were for just one day a year, it would help.
Perhaps Edward could even benefit with jewelry sales as well.”

Holly smirked and finished her glass.

Okay, so it probably didn't go anything like that, but whether you were alone or with someone special, I hope your Valentine's Day was a reminder to spread love and kindness every day of the year. And if V-day is one of those days you dread, just remember … you can find lots of chocolate on sale today!


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