Friday, August 8, 2014

The Friday Five 8-8-14

1. Dentist. Now the last time I posted about how much I disliked going to the dentist, I got all kinds of comments from siblings of dentists, friends of dentists, and even a dentist or two themselves defending the dental field. So let me clarify. I have nothing personal against the actual dentist. In fact, I just switched to a new one, and he made sure I had a pain free experience (which I did, until the novicane wore off). I just happen to have severe anxiety when it comes to anything dental related, and unfortunately, I have DNA challenged teeth. Every few years I seem to go through cycles where I need a ton of work done, and this week started a new cycle. On the plus side, I am once again feeling more royal than ever with my new (temporary) crown. My official crowning ceremony takes place in two weeks, followed by a consult with the oral surgeon for my two extractions. Can we say dental bliss? Not.

photo credit: Sappymoosetree via photopin cc

2. Camp Show. I've said this before - I love my little guy's day camp so much. Last night was their annual camp show. The theme was super hero's and WOW did they do a spectacular job. Every group did their own superhero themed dance and in between there were skits that were funny and had lessons. They really showed that every child is a superhero. I took a bunch of pics and videos, but in the interest of privacy, I won't show them here. But trust me... they were adorably awesome.

3. Promos. This week, several of my books are on sale! Here's the run down:

Nate Rocks the Boat (Book 2 in the Nate Rocks Series): FREE on Kindle << Through 8/11/14

Chasing Invisible $0.99 on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords << Through 8/31/14

Ava's Wishes $0.99 on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Itunes, and Smashwords << Through 8/31/14

4. Awesome Kid Saying of The Week. So I've been saving this one from my daughter, hoping I'd have a finished product to show you. But as you'll see from the pics, I don't — however, I'm trying. Let me back up for a moment. As most of you know by now, I just moved. In our old house, my daughter had a built in desk, so I told her I'd get her a new desk for her room. In my mind, I was picturing something simple, like this:

photo credit: rowdyHarv, internet hit and miss via photopin cc

Maybe even simpler. But then she said ...... 

"I've always wanted a corner desk. It's all I've EVER WANTED."  

Ever?  Ok. So I ordered her a corner desk. A fancy one with shelves and drawers and doors. It does everything but her homework (I think).  Look, don't judge - we've had a really crappy year.

It came in a big HEAVY box which I could not carry upstairs. So I opened it downstairs and carried it piece by piece up my stairs. How many pieces you ask? 25 wood pieces and 215 pieces of hardware! Oh yeah, you read that correctly. The "instruction manual" and I use those terms loosely consists of 22 steps. I've now gotten through step 8. Here's where I'm at:

See ya on the flip side!

5. Review Time!

This week, I'd like to share a review from my newest release: Holly's Wishes - This one is on Amazon:

What’s a girl supposed to do when she’s living with a man she hopes to marry … and then she runs into her sophomore crush at her sister’s wedding? She tries to do the right thing, that’s what. Except her boyfriend isn’t exactly on board with her desire to be married, and he’s got some issues that are pretty hard to deal with.

Holly Haines tackles some tough situations in Holly’s Wishes, and you’ll soon find yourself rooting for her and Ben to get together, for Jared to take a hike, and for Ben’s girlfriend to get exactly what she deserves. With so many hurdles to overcome, will Holly and Ben find a way?

The only way for you to find out is to read the book. I’d like to say more, but I’d hate to spoil the story. But it’s a fun read, with some cool secondary characters, plus, we get to spend some time with a few old favorites from Ava’s Wishes.

That's my 5 - I hope you all have a great weekend! 



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