Friday, August 1, 2014

The Friday Five 8-1-14

1. HOLLY!! 

You  may have *seen* me screaming a lot on Facebook lately. That's because Wednesday night, I FINALLY hit the publish button on Holly's Wishes. I am not kidding when I say this book involved sweat and tears (but, thankfully no blood, although my laptop did almost go flying out my window a few times). I think I re-wrote this story six times, but it could have been more. I do know that it was a process - one that involved the help of some fabulous ( and patient) beta readers. At one point, I put the computer away and went old school. Writing out each scene on a scrap of paper. I had to de-construct the entire story to figure out exactly what was missing before I could re-construct it back together. 

A LOT of it wound up in the recycle bin - and a lot of new material was added. And now that it's complete ... I can honestly say, I'm proud to present ..........   HOLLY'S WISHES ......

(Shameless Plug: Available on Amazon)

2. Awesome Kid Saying of the Week #1

Yes - that says number #1. Honestly, I could have done the Friday Five just on the stuff that came out of children's mouths this week. They were in rare form! But instead, I decided to pick two things - from my two boys. I'll save the gem from my daughter for next week. 

So here's number one: We've been having a lot of storms lately - really crazy thunderstorms which have brought down a ton of trees in our neighborhood. One of our neighbors stacked the logs from their chopped up fallen tree on their curb with a sign on it that said "free". My 7 year old asked who was going to take the wood? I told him I didn't know, probably someone with a fireplace. ... And his response ...

"They should really save it for the Pilgrams. So they can build their cabins."

Um ... O-kay. Yup - I suggest you just sit here and think about that for a moment before moving on...

3. Awesome Kid Saying of the Week #2

Are you ready for the next one? This one is from my 16 year old. You may remember the blog post I wrote last year where he told me he assumed I sat home all day and watched TV. Apparently, he thought I wrote all my books on the commercials. Well, we cleared that up, but now that school's out, and he's seen me working from home, he asked me if I got bored just typing all day not talking to anyone. When I explained that I do actually talk to people all day, through social networks, he said, "well why don't you go out and talk to people about your books - not just through the computer."
Yes, I thought. Excellent idea. But then he continued with his idea...

J: You need to go to one of those Lady Things.
Me:  Lady Things?
J: Yeah, where you all sit in a big circle and talk about books. I've seen it on TV.

Ah yes, the Circular Lady Things. I'll check them out. Indeed.

4. The Other Social Networks.

I will say this for my oldest children - they have taught me there is life outside of Facebook. It's called Instagram. I'm still not 100% sure how it works, but I know I can spy on my kids without them realizing it. It's okay - they don't read my blog - in fact ... Awesome Kid Saying 2.5: My oldest in that same conversation, when I mentioned I was going to blog about his Lady Thing comment, said to me, "You blog? Nobody blogs anymore."  Guess I never got the memo. Anyway - so off topic there. My point ... I'm on the Gram now! Follow me - or I'll be lonely.  @KarenPokras_Author

I'm also on Wattpad posting Ava's Wishes. Again ... I'm not 100% how this one works, but if you're on there and want to follow me and check out Ava, you can find me at KarenPokras. Chapters 1-3 are up... and 4 will be going up this week.

5. Review Time.

Speaking of Ava, I wanted to give a shout out to a review I received this week for Ava's Wishes on the Krazy Book Lady blog: 

"Ava's Wishes is an excellent first book in a new series, Whispered Wishes. Karen Pokras, who has also published middle-grade books as Karen Pokras Toz, seems to be a natural at chick-lit. I was very impressed with how Ms. Pokras provided enough of a glimpse at Ava's two sisters to make readers already interested in reading their stories while still keeping the focus of this book on Ava. 

If you enjoy sweet chick-lit stories with clean romance then this book is a good choice, and I would definitely recommend it."

Thank you! Here is the link to the full review:


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