Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 4th+World Cup+7 Year Old=All Kinds of Confusion

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One of the things that I love about my son's day camp is that it's run by a history teacher. Last year on the day before the camp closed for the July fourth holiday, the camp director did a reading of the Declaration of Independence (in a fun way) for the kids. So when I picked my seven-year-old up from camp today, I asked:

Did Rusty read the Declaration of Independence again this year for July 4th?

C: No but we did all kinds of activities for Independence Day about the war against Brazil.

Me: You mean England.

C: No Brazil.

Me: Brazil wasn't in the war. Were you talking about the World Cup maybe? (They've also been doing a lot of soccer themed stuff lately)

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C: No it was for the war for the Declaration of Independence - like in the pool we had to pretend we were crossing the river. We were the guy on the horse.

Me: George Washington?

C: No. The other guy. The one about Brazil.

Me: I don't know - wait. Paul Revere?

C: Yes - he called "Brazil is coming! Brazil is coming!"

Me: Oh! You mean the BRITISH! 

Yup - you all remember learning about the American Revolution right? That one where we were trying to gain our independence from Brazil? Mystery solved.

Enjoy your 4th of July - Stay Safe!

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  1. Ha ha ha ha…. that's gold! Sounds like your son is trying to re-invent history! Hope your 4th July celebration has gone well.


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