Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dear Reader - I'm Sorry

Dear Loyal Readers,

I'm sorry.  Back in May (and again for much of June), I plastered this promo everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE):

I had the best of intentions. I wanted to provide you, my amazing readers, with some awesome romance/chick lit to read over the summer. Except there was one problem. I didn't really know *how* to write good quality romance/chick lit. You see, up until this point, I'd mostly only written middle grade children's books.(I say mostly because I do actually have one adult book out - Chasing Invisible - and while it has gotten high praise, and even won a literary award, it is far from chick lit.)

Let me assure you that these stories DO exist. In fact, I published Ava's Wishes on time on June 1st. I was so proud, and then ... I was not so proud. I received feedback from three people whom I respect greatly:

-You've lost your voice
-If I wasn't familiar with your other work, I'd never guess you'd written this, and I don't mean that in a good way, 
-It’s reading like a totally different author wrote the book, and it was a first attempt at publishing.

OUCH. These were admittedly difficult to swallow when my other books had received such high praise & several awards. I could sit here and give you excuses: I've had a crappy year ( I really have!), my heads wasn't in the game, I was pressured to put out a series quickly, etc, etc, etc... but the truth of the matter was that my writing needed to be knocked up several notches while my ego needed a swift kick down.

And then ... my guardian angels came to my rescue. A well known romance author along with one of her best beta readers decided to take me under their wings. Chapter by chapter, paragraph by paragraph, they showed me what worked and what didn't, teaching and guiding me along the way, helping me turn Ava's Wishes into the story it was meant to be.

It is now back and something I am definitely proud of! At the same time, I am proud of the writer I have become (and am still becoming.)

But where is Holly's Wishes? It's July 1st!

Holly's Wishes IS coming, but I'd be doing you all a disservice if I published it without revising it using the same techniques I learned from my experience revising Ava's Wishes. The same holds true for Tessa's Wishes. My hope is that Holly's Wishes (and perhaps Tessa's Wishes) will be delayed only by a short period of time.

However, while you wait, Ava's Wishes is now 99 cents. I hope you will give it a read (and for those of you who may have already downloaded the original version, you should be able to now download the updated version).

I don't think I've ever worked harder on edits - but it was SO worth it. I hope you'll agree! After all, I'm not just here to write books,  I'm here to improve my craft so I can continue to put out quality books - for you - my awesome readers. The OCD in me won't let me give you anything less.

As always - thank you for your unending support.



Ava's Wishes Now Available at:



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