Monday, October 28, 2013

I Don't Want To Jinx Anything But ....

Do you remember where you were this time last year? What about two years ago? I do - both times - maybe not EXACTLY where I was, but I remember GENERALLY where I was, and it was very different from where I am right now. You know what they say ... don't say you'll jinx it. But I'm saying it. So if you're one of those superstitious types, close this blog post. Otherwise, keep reading.

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Two years ago, we were sadly saying goodbye to my grandmother who was in her mid-90's and had passed away. The crazy part of it all, was that it was in the middle of a BLIZZARD and a POWER OUTAGE. She was a remarkable woman. I'm pretty sure was in cahoots with Mother Nature so as to make her exit a memorable one, and it certainly was. Miss you and love you, Grandma! xoxoxo

But the strangeness of October weather doesn't end there. As if a BLIZZARD in October wasn't enough, last year at this time we had to deal with a HURRICANE! Hurricane Sandy to be exact. We got lucky with only a tiny bit of damage to a fence, but we did lose power for ten long days. I know many are still dealing with the aftermath and breathing a sigh of relief that hurricane season seems to have spared us this year (there I go jinxing us again - I'm sorry!!)

photo credit: The Uprooted Photographer via photopin cc

But seriously - I'm grateful for this calm, fall like-weather, and hoping that whatever we did to upset Mother Nature has been forgiven.

Dear Mother Nature -  Since you are being kind and all - - I'd appreciate a nice mild winter, also. Too much? Okay. I'm going now....

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