Thursday, July 11, 2013

Author Spotlight: Linda Griffin

Today is a very special Author Spotlight. I know I say that a lot, but I can honestly say that I have known this author my entire life, as she is also a family member - my cousin Linda Griffin. It's true - I come from a family of writers! Linda's newest book, Adopting Ginger, is based on her own family's experience of adopting their family pet.It also happens to be illustrated by another family member, my cousin Iliana Weinbaum (I'm telling you - we are a creative crew!) Linda is here to tell us more about this wonderful story:

Ginger was adopted at the SPCA of Westchester by my daughter and son-in-law. I wrote Adopting Ginger because it was a heartwarming story that had to be told. I want people to know how important it is to give shelter dogs time to adjust. Families will be rewarded for their kindness and patience by having a loyal and loving pet. Shelter dogs make the best pets … their unique DNA creates a one-of-a-kind canine treasure!

Bringing a dog into your home is a big commitment, and that’s why I included questions for families and school groups to use as a springboard for a discussion. Adopting Ginger raises awareness about how animals should be treated and the joy that comes from loving a pet.

The delightful illustrations were done by my talented fourteen-year-old niece Iliana Weinbaum. Children relate to the sweetness and simplicity of Iliana’s watercolor drawings.

I’m a retired early childhood teacher and parent advisor. After obtaining my master’s degree in counseling, I advised parents privately, conducted parenting workshops and was a featured writer for Suburban Parenting News. Adopting Ginger combines my love of children and animals in a story that dog lovers of all ages will enjoy.

Adopting Ginger is a page-turner and educational as well.


Based on a true story about a shelter dog and the loving family who adopted her

Will ten-year-old Emma and her family be able to keep a dog that is afraid of almost everything? Ginger is fearful. She hides in bushes and refuses to eat. What will Ginger’s new family do? We follow Emma and her family from the morning they go to pick out a dog at their local SPCA to the challenges they face when they bring Ginger home. This is a children’s story about Ginger’s journey from a shelter to a loving family. Adopting Ginger is a story about compassion, cooperation and responsibility.

ISBN 147939355X

Adopting Ginger can be ordered on For additional information go to My first book, My Child Won’t Listen and other early childhood problems, is an insightful, practical, no-nonsense parenting book filled with real-life examples of child behavior, and is packed with guidance and humor. It’s published by Authorhouse and is available as an eBook and soft cover. (Barnes& or

Thank You Linda!!


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