Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolutions Are A Funny Thing

Happy New Year everyone! I was going to write one of those year end posts where I list out my top ten posts of 2012, but I decided to check out the day's news first (aka - go to Facebook) I was amazed at the number of "anti-resolution" posts there were. Yeah, I kind of get it - those I need to eat better, lose weight, exercise more type resolutions can be stressful and difficult to stick to. But sometimes, a good New Year's resolution is just the push we need to jump start ourselves.

A few years ago on New Years Eve, I was majorly depressed. My Rheumatoid Arthritis was out of control, I had illness after illness, which ironically kept me from taking my RA drugs (since they are immuno-suppressants, you are not allowed to take them if you are sick), and I had a busy tax season looming in my future. I honestly did not know how I would get through it all.I honestly did not know if I could get through it all. I needed something.

As many of you know - it was years ago, while pregnant with my oldest, when the story for my first novel (which will finally be published this summer!) popped into my head.I tried a few times to get it on paper, but there was always something - babies, divorce, getting my life back on track, RA. Despite all that, the story kept nagging at me. For some reason, on that particular New Year's Eve, I was brought back to the memory of the excitement I felt back when I was pregnant and the initial idea of writing a book entered my mind. I needed to find that excitement once again. I resolved that night that I would write three chapters that year. They didn't have to be in order, they didn't have to be grammatically correct, they only needed to be enough to figure out if this going to be the thing to pull me out of my funk.

So in May of that year - after the end of tax season and battling my umpteenth round of bronchitis, I opened my laptop to an empty Word document. I let me fingers and my mind take over. Three chapters quickly turned into 85,000 words. The rest is well ... you know how the story goes.

Now if only I can figure out how to eat healthier, lose weight, and exercise more.

Dream big & resolve to have the best 2013 you can possibly have!

photo credit: photon bomb via photopin cc


  1. *smiles* Happy New Year, Karen. Continued success with all of your writing endeavors. Cheers!


  2. I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! Looking forward to more published books for yah! And glad that you're feeling better! Happy 2013!

  3. Congratulations and Happy New Year dear!


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