Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Big No-No - But I Couldn't Resist

I'm about to break a huge rule in the Author World, but I watched Elf last night, and I'm suddenly in the holiday spirit. Plus, they're my books, so I can do what I want - right?

So I've decided that for one day only - today - TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4th - two of my books, Nate Rocks the World and Millicent Marie Is Not My Name will be FREE for your Kindle or Kindle App.

No, that's not the rule breaker - authors do this all the time. The big no-no is that I decided to do this just yesterday at the very last minute. That's a huge rule breaker. We authors are supposed to plan these promotional days out - contact all the major blogs and websites and basically do everything in our power to help the news go viral. But it's too late for me to do all that, as most site require several days (& even weeks) notice.  So it's just me and my blog ... and you. YOU can help spread the word! Will you - please?  You're kids will love reading Nate and Millie and you will love hearing the giggles that come out of them as they read!

Here are the links:

For those of you Nook, Sony Reader, iBook users, you can still download one of the free books if you have access to a free Kindle app.

Also -  I've got some pre-fab tweets/Facebook/Google + posts you can put on your own pages to help spread the word:

#Free Today! Nate Rocks the World  - great #funny #read for your 7-12 yr old #kids http://ow.ly/bUsH5 #ebook #kindle #kidlit #mglit

#FREE #fun #read for your 7-12 yr old #kids about #bully prevention: Millicent Marie Is Not My Name. http://ow.ly/ebGwX #kindle


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