Sunday, November 4, 2012

We Interrupt this Halloween...

Last year, Hurricane Irene decided to show up just in time for my two youngest children's birthday parties. One we were able to squeeze in, one we had to reschedule.  This year, Hurricane Sandy decided to visit - just in time for Halloween. Before you start feeling bad for my children ... don't. Let me explain.

As you know, Halloween is on the 31st. That was last Wednesday. Many parts of our township were without power. There were trees and power lines down in several neighborhoods. In a nutshell, there were plenty of neighborhoods that were just to unsafe for children to be trick or treating.

So the township did the responsible thing - they sent out word that Trick or Treating would be postponed until Friday night - - and then they changed their minds stating that since Halloween was not a township sponsored event, they really couldn't change the date and that trick or treaters should be expected on both Wednesday and Friday, depending on the conditions of the individual neighborhoods.

To my tween, this read as "BONUS - we get to trick or treat on both nights!" Yup, that's what my twelve year old did. In typical tween fashion, she went out without a costume and said she was a werewolf except since it wasn't a full moon, she hadn't changed over yet. Clever, I'll give her that.

Every year on Halloween, we usually go to a friend's house a few towns over to trick or treat with them. This year, their township postponed Halloween to Saturday night. Yup - my tween came with us to trick or treat yet again! For those keeping count, that's three full bags of candy.  The other two only went out once, but we've got more than enough treats to go around.

photo credit: Juushika Redgrave via photopin cc

See? I told you not to feel bad for my kids. So, thanks Sandy, and don't worry, we'll be buying extra toothpaste this season as well.

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