Tuesday, November 13, 2012

IPad Mini Review by a Non Tech Apple Loving Girl

I'm not ashamed to admit I was watching for the UPS man all day yesterday. He had something I couldn't wait to get my hands on! Stop... This is a family friendly blog! I'm talking about the iPad Mini I ordered. Well really it was a birthday present for me, but my hubby & I agreed I could open it a few days early. After all, I only had 14 days to play around with it to decide if I wanted to keep it or trade it in for a different tablet.

My hubby was convinced I would hate it. He'd read the less than stellar reviews. But he just doesn't get the whole Apple thing. I on the other hand, drank the Apple Kool-Aid last year with the purchase of my beloved MacBook Pro. Within a few months I had traded in my Android phone for the iPhone 4S. The whole iPad thing intrigued me as an Apple lover, but I just didn't see a need for it, until I suddenly found myself in the market for a smaller tablet. Originally, I was going for a Kindle Fire, but then the rumors about a smaller iPad started.  Hmmm....

So I stalked the Internet daily, trying to find out any news about the release of this rumored product. And then - finally, it was announced! I preordered one on the first available day. I watched the UPS site as my new toy left China, made stops in Japan, Alaska, and Kentucky before finally making its way here to Pennsylvania. I cheered every time my delivery date was moved up. (I have issues - I know - let's move on).

Anyway, here I am. With my new iPad Mini. I've never owned an iPad, so for those wondering how it stacks up against the iPad, I can't really help you. I also am clueless when it comes to comparing specs. So sorry there as well. But I know what I like and what works for my needs, and I can pretty much sum up how I feel about this tablet with one word ... Love!

Besides the size & sleekness which are perfect and very Apple-esque, the iPad Mini was super easy to set up. Everything immediately synced with my other devices ( which was one of the main reasons I wanted it. Go cloud!) My music from iTunes plus my Kindle books were all ready to go. All of my iPhone apps transferred over (although some don't have iPad counterparts, but not a huge deal).

Now I can read backlit books on a screen larger than my iPhone ... Oh happy eyes! Plus, I have the Nook & iBooks app as well, so I'm not limited to Kindle. Another reason I opted out of getting the Kindle Fire ... I'm guessing the Nook app is unavailable on that device.

The battery on the Mini claims to last 10 hrs. Mine came 86% charged and after about 6 hours of use with my wifi on, it's at 52%. Speaking of wifi, the speed seems compatible with my iPhone (which is great in some parts of my house & not so great in others, but I'm guessing that is not a fault of the device).

I've read that some people have complained about the graphics. Yes, there is a difference in sharpness from my iPhone 4S to the iPad Mini, but for me it is barely noticeable (says the girl who can't tell when the television is on a regular channel vs an HD channel). It may be more noticeable to someone else.

Iphone 4S picture is slightly sharper - but not a deal killer for me...

So there you have it. This non-tech Apple loving girl won't need 14 days to decide after all. It's a keeper for me!


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