Friday, November 30, 2012

All I Want For Christmas Is ...

Technically it's Hanukkah and Christmas since we celebrate both, but the answer to the question remained the same: Shoes. Yup – that’s the response I got when I asked my fifteen year old for gift ideas this year. Oh – did I mention this is my fifteen year old son? Not that I’m sexist or anything, but had I said my teen daughter, you probably would just be shaking your head, mumbling, “Teens.”

photo credit: sling@flickr via photopin cc
I’m personally not surprised by his response, my son has been shoe obsessed for at least three years now. I can remember the days when I could walk into Target, pick up one pair of sneakers and one pair of boots in his size and call it a day (or at least a season). Not anymore. Nope – he started getting picky . . . and playing sports, so we had to get him a different pair of sneakers for each sport that met with his approval. Then he wanted shoes that were for the training of the sport (because for some unknown reason, the sneakers he had couldn’t be used for that purpose), and finally he wanted “street” shoes to add to the portfolio. Those are just the athletic shoes sneakers. Then we have boots and dress shoes. That was last year - his feet grew - to a whopping size 13!

This year, he’s asking for multiple sneakers of each kind in different colors plus the boots. "Mom - I got have my swag on." Oookay... Oh did I mention that these shoes were inexpensive? No? That’s probably because they’re not!

I honestly have no idea where this kid gets this shoe thing from. I only have one pair of sneakers and just a few pairs of boots . . .


Happy shopping everyone!

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