Sunday, October 14, 2012

Who's On Your Friend List?

The last two weekends I had the pleasure of meeting face to face with two people I had previously spoken with only on the Internet. One was my editor, and the other was a fellow author. Both of these people I speak with almost daily on the Internet, and have developed both personal and professional relationships with - I couldn't wait to meet them in person.

As it turns out, my editor lives only fifteen minutes from my parents, and my author friend is good friends with one of my neighbors. Small world, eh? Not really. Without Facebook and social networking, I never would have met either of these people.

photo credit: Spencer E Holtaway via photopin cc
It got me thinking about all of the other people I have met online over the years, so many of whom I consider to be friends and would love to meet in person! Thanks to Facebook and other social networking outlets, we have been able to connect with people all over the world. It really is quite amazing when you think about it.

Twenty-Six years ago when I was a junior in college (ugh - I'm old!) I travelled to London as a study-abroad student. I didn't know a soul over there. I didn't even know a single person on my program. Today, if I were to make that trip again, I would have friends in London I could immediately contact. In fact, I'd have friends to meet up with in almost every city I visited as a student back in 1988. Not because I'm 40+ and have had years to develop these friendships, but because of the people I've met on Facebook and other social networks over the past few years. People I consider to be friends, even though I've never actually "met" them.

I hope that I can continue to meet up with more of the people I interact with regularly - I don't get to travel as much as I  used to, but don't be surprised if one day, I show up at your door (Okay - I'll message you first, I promise!)

xo ~ Karen


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  1. Knock it off with the old bit, Karen. If my math is right you're only one year older than I, and I still consider myself young.


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