Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Yard Sale & A Hurricane? What Could Be More Fun?

I have PYSES. No, this is not some trendy new handbag designer. It stands for Post Yard Sale Exhaustion Syndrome. My husband’s friend Jean coined the phrase. That’s right. We had a yard sale. Yesterday. I am still not 100% recovered.

The yard sale seemed like a good idea at the time. We had a garage, basement, and attic full of "stuff." Lots and lots (and lots) of stuff.

My husband worked tirelessly during the week lugging boxes. There were several moments of "are you sure we should do this?" But the ads were already in place. People would be arriving on Saturday (hopefully) ready or not

On Friday, we started unloading and organizing as much as possible in the garage. We had dedicated areas for toys, books, holiday decor, and small appliances. That wasn’t even the half of it. The driveway, which we had to wait to set up until morning, was slated for tools, hardware, furniture, garden, and miscellaneous. Ah yes... the miscellaneous category.

Setting up in the garage the day before.

Oh and by “morning” I mean 4:00am. Yes, that’s right, my husband was up at four starting to set up the driveway. I was able to sleep in until five. By the time I got outside at 5:30am, there was still so much to be done. By 7:00am, we were wondering when daylight would begin. By 8:00am, we had finally finished, and the people started rolling in.

Setting up the tools in the driveway in the dark at 4am ... fun times!

More Stuff! Is that the sun starting to rise at 7:00am?

We had a pretty steady stream for about three and half hours. We sold a lot. We made a several hundred dollars selling stuff for 50 cents here, a dollar there. As expected, things became cheaper as the morning went on. Even though we sold lots, by 1:00pm, we still had plenty of stuff left. Stuff that needed to get boxed up, labeled, and put back into the garage for the charitable organization we chose to donate everything leftover to. We finished packing the last box around 5:00pm.

...Just in time to start preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. I guess what I really have is PYSHPES (Post Yard Sale and Hurricane Prep Exhaustion Syndrome).  Don’t worry, it’s only contagious if you are as crazy as we are to have an enormous yard sale the day before a hurricane arrives. What are the chances?

I hope everyone in Sandy’s path stays safe and dry!

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