Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spotlight & Review: Blood Type by Melissa Luznicky Garrett

Confession: This is the first vampire book I have read. I was offered an advanced copy to review, and since I am a huge fan of Melissa Luznicky Garrett’s books, I decided to give this one a try, vampires and all. I am so glad I did!

The story opens with teenager, Blake Ehlert, getting a tattoo of a vampire bite on her neck. We quickly learn that she was the victim of a vampire attack and does not have long to live. The bulk of the story is cleverly written in two time periods that alternate back and forth between Blake’s pre and post vampire attack. The characters are all richly developed and full of personality, and the storyline had just the right amount of twists to keep me wanting more. Once again, Ms. Garrett wrote a story that will entertain teens and adults, both young and old.

I still don't feel the urge to run out and read every vampire book out there, but I am very much looking forward to the next book in this series. And since this non-vampire-loving-reader enjoyed this book immensely, imagine how much you will adore it as a vampire fan!

Since getting attacked by a vampire, I didn’t believe in
beginnings. Only endings. Every person born to this world comes with an
expiration date, but I had never considered mine. At least not until I met

Now the end was all I ever thought about. I woke up every morning
wondering if that day would be my last. Venom pulsed in my veins and seeped
into my bones, infecting all my vital organs and changing me from the inside
out. Slowly killing me.

But I’d welcome death in the end, if only because the alternative
was even more frightening.

Popular girl Blake Ehlert has it all: a prime spot on the cheerleading squad, a jock
boyfriend who’s strong and sensitive, and the winning vote for Homecoming Queen
two years in a row. But when she strikes up a conversation with loner John
Kelly, her entire world starts to crumble.

John Kelly is a vampire—what’s known to his kind as a Compeller. It’s his job to recruit
human Donors with a particular blood type.

And Blake is his next target.

Luznicky Garrett is an author of adult and young adult novels. She lives in
upstate New York with her husband, three children, and numerous animals.
Melissa is currently hard at work on her next project. Visit Melissa’s blog o
r connect
with her on Facebook

Blood Type is available in print through Create Space, or in print and digital
through Amazon.

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