Monday, September 3, 2012

And The Winner Is.. The Other Planet

Thanks to all who left comments and entered my Two Year Blogiversary Celebration.  The winners of the Nate Rocks the World/Millicent Marie swag pack are:  Patricia B & Pamela G.

As promised here is a re-print of one of your favorite blog posts from the last two years. To be honest, it's one of my favorites as well!

A Conversation With My Five Year Old: The Other Planet

As he does every morning, my five year old joyfully ran into my arms for his morning snuggle. I cherish these moments as I know they eventually fade - just ask his older siblings. But then I thought, maybe if I start at an early age, I could brainwash convince him to always snuggle me:

Me: Will you love me forever?

C: Yes.

Me: And always give me hugs and snuggles?

C: Yes ... well - not when you're gone.

Me: Oh? Where am I going?

C: To the other planet.

Me: What other planet?

C: The one you go to when you get old.

Me: Oh...

C: Don't worry - I'll come to see you all the time.

M: You will? But you won't give me hugs and snuggles?

C: Sorry - those are the rules!

photo credit: Jules Stoop via photo pin cc

Now if only I can figure out how to amend this rule book!


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