Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Virtual Scavenger Hunt! Nate Rocks Style...

Great News!!! I know I’ve been going on and on (and on) about the May 1st release date for my newest Nate Rocks book: Nate Rocks the Boat ... but ... guess what? You don’t have to wait until May 1st anymore! That’s right! It is now officially for sale on Amazon in both print and kindle formats, and will soon be available at Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

I know what you’re thinking? What’s that got to do with a scavenger hunt? Well.... in Nate Rocks the Boat, 10-year-old Nathan Rockledge goes off to overnight camp for the first time – where one of the activities involves a scavenger hunt. So.... I thought it would be fun to have a scavenger hunt of our own to celebrate the release of Nate Rocks the Boat.

Who? Everyone! You’re all invited – and so are all your friends!

When? The festivities begin 10am on May 1st and last until approximately 10pm EST

Where?  My Facebook Author Page

What? Here’s the deal: I will be posting a variety of virtual tasks for you to figure out through the day – all Nate Rocks themed. We’ll have find the picture, trivia, caption the photo, identify the quote, and lots of other items that you’ll have to search for on line – all relating to Nate Rocks.

Why? Because he’s Nate Rocks of course!

But are there prizes? Are you kidding? Here’s a little sample of what you can win...

But, what if I didn’t read the Nate Rocks books? Well, for some of the games, having read Nate Rocks the World will give you an advantage, and for other games, it doesn’t make a difference. But honestly, what are you waiting for? There is plenty of time to read Nate Rocks the World before May 1st. Not only that, there will be some Nate Rocks the Boat questions with some extra special prizes – so grab your copy of Book 2 and have a great time at camp with Nate. See you on May 1st!

For more information about the Nate Rocks Series visit

To purchase a copy of Nate Rocks the World:

Amazon           Barnes & Noble

To purchase a copy of Nate Rocks the Boat:

Amazon          Barnes & Noble - coming soon.

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