Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rabbit Rabbit!

Confession time... I’m superstitious... but only for some things. For example: I’ve had two black cats over the course of the last eighteen years. I’ve crossed their paths more times than I can count. No big deal. Walking under ladders seems risky to me from a physics standpoint. As for mirrors, I’ve broken my share. Do I blame my bad luck on them? Not really. I also am not a fan of the throwing salt over my shoulder every time I cook with it (what a mess!), nor do I care if I open an umbrella indoors.

photo credit: Eric Bégin via photo pin cc

But – when it comes to the calendar, the 1st of month (and year) is serious business. First off, I do not officially turn the page on the calendar until the 1st. Yes, I may lift the page to glance at it, but it does not actually get tacked into place until the 1st.

Then there is “Rabbit Rabbit.” It’s supposed to be the first thing you say on the 1st of the month for good luck. Since my husband usually leaves for work before I am even fully awake, the first thing I generally say every morning as he is kisses me good bye is “Have a good day, I love you.” I think he would think I had officially lost it if instead I sleepily said, “Rabbit Rabbit.” But afterwards, when I’m more awake, and I realize that it is in fact the 1st of a new month, I do indeed say out loud “Rabbit Rabbit.”

Then there is Jan 1st – not only the 1st of a month, but also the 1st of the year! There are many superstitions that go along with the 1st. There is of course the southern tradition of black-eyed peas, which I recently learned was a Jewish tradition as well. I’ve started making them the last few years. Why not – they’re tasty and they supposedly bring good luck. Also, I refuse to pay bills on January 1st. Someone once told me if you pay on the January 1st, you’ll pay all year long. Uh yeah – don’t want that happening! Besides, any excuse not to pay the bills (especially on a day off) works for me. I have also heard that the first person to walk over your threshold into your home on January 1st should be a male with dark hair... or was it a female with blonde hair? On New Years Day, my husband went outside to get the newspaper and then walked back in – so technically he was the first. He does not have dark hair, but he used to be blonde (until the kids and I turned him grey) so he has two of the possible four requirements for luck. Do you think it gets pro-rated?

In any event, here’s wishing everyone a very lucky February! Rabbit Rabbit!

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