Friday, February 24, 2012

The Friday Five 2-24-12

It's Friday Again! It's been a pretty awesome week here... let's get right to it!

1. Award! You know I usually do not start with book news, but this was just too exciting not to mention first. Nate Rocks the World was named runner up in not just one, but two categories in the 2012 UP Author Awards! Best Cover (thank you Deana Riddle at Book Starter) and Best First Chapter! In case you can’t tell, I am very excited!

2. Renovations. The construction part of our office is finished! The desks we purchased should be set up today (cannot wait!), and then we still need to get some bookshelves, bedding for the day bed & of course the leather recliner and flat screen TV for my husband’s “man area.” As for the family room – it is DONE & I am loving it!! Check out the before and after pics...

Before: Our dark & cluttered 70's cave: yup that is black vinyl on the floor...

After: We have light & room to move & play! 

3. Spring. I’m not complaining – no I’m not. It’s been in the sixties all week here in Southeast PA. My crocuses, daffodils, and tulips are starting to peek through, and even the birds are back and singing. I know the chances of this weather sticking around are slim to none. But for now, I am loving it!

4. Baseball. I find it funny that I even include this in my Friday Five, but it’s a hot topic in my house and has been for the last ten years (which coincidentally is how long I have known my husband). After ten years of being together, I know more about baseball than I ever really wanted to know. For instance – pitchers and catchers reported this week (my husband is all giddy.) It is also the time of year fantasy baseball begins. My eyes start to glaze over as my husband talks about prices, inflation, spreadsheets, and caps. But I know how much it all means to him. So much in fact, he gets invited to participate in the CBS Expert Analyst League every year amongst the pros. For those interested in following along with his analysis, he has a blog: ... it's good stuff (so I've heard.)  Check it out!

5. Book News. Congratulations to the winners of the Goodreads Giveaway. Your books will be in the mail by tomorrow. In other book news, I’ve started the task of contacting bloggers who have been so kind to highlight Nate Rocks the World on their blogs, to see if they would be interested in participating in the Nate Rocks the Boat blog tour in May. The response has been great, and I still have many more to contact! Thank you to all who agreed to participate – we are putting together quite a line up with lots of giveaways! If you would like your blog to be a part of the fun, please let me know.

I hope everyone has a great week. See you next Friday & hopefully sooner.


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