Monday, February 13, 2012

Do You Have A Reluctant Reader?

The following is a re-print of a guest post I wrote for Books 4 Tomorrow last month. If you haven't been over to their blog yet, check it out for some great book reviews and more!


It finally happened – my 14 year old finally said the words I had been patiently waiting for – words that inspire me to write books for middle grade children. Yesterday afternoon, he sat down on the couch with me as I was reading a book on my Kindle and asked:

“Can you show me how that works?”

What? You mean my teen was interested in something book related? Surely, I must be dreaming.

I had to move fast, before something else caught his attention, so I saved my spot and showed him how to maneuver around. He was fascinated. He then did something else I never expected. He pulled out his phone and downloaded the Kindle app along with some free books.

Wait it gets better – he actually said, “I think I want to read more.”

Seriously – who stole my fourteen year old? This is the kid who every year scans the school’s summer reading list, finds a book he has already read and proclaims, “I’m done.”

Now, he was actually asking if he could have an Amazon gift card to purchase books.

In reality – his actions validate something I have been thinking about for a few months now: Kids love to read on electronic devices! And while Kindles and Nooks are awesome, all you really need is a computer or phone to begin. The apps are free, and as my son quickly found out, so are several of the books.

So don’t give up parents – there is hope for your reluctant readers! Encourage your children to read every day and prove to the children in your life that reading can be fun!


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