Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why I Started A Kickstarter Campaign

I’ll be honest – up until a few weeks ago, I never even heard of Kickstarter. But a tweet by a friend of mine caught my eye. My friend and fellow author, Elise Stokes, was (and still is) looking to raise money to help with some of the costs of publishing a book she is writing.

I was intrigued. You mean you can set up fundraising campaigns to help with your artistic endeavors? It’s true. Now, what you cannot do is set up a “fund my life and pay my bills” type of campaign which obviously would be quite helpful. But what you can do is present your project to the world; with the hopes that someone out there might think you are worth backing. I’m not talking about backing with millions of dollars (again – this would be quite helpful!) I’m talking about backing with as little as $1.

When I first heard about self-publishing, I initially (and foolishly) thought I could just upload my book and poof – I was done. No money – no problem. Luckily, I did my research before I even began. I did not want to be just another of the 8 million books already listed on Amazon. I wanted my book to be known – to be read - and that, I quickly learned required money.

The first stop on my journey, after writing what I considered to be a pretty great story [can I say that? My mom whole heartedly agreed when I asked her to read my rough draft ;) ], was to get my book professionally edited. Guess what? That costs money. Then, being a bit technologically and artistically challenged, I needed to hire an illustrator/cover designer/interior designer.... more money. Uploading my finished product to the distributor ... you guessed it – more money. Then we have marketing expenses – swag, advertising, you name it – and well – as you can imagine... that costs even more money. So as you can see – it was a little more complicated (and expensive) than I initially thought. But with some help – I made it through and published my book. I am now am excited to say that Nate Rocks the World is soaring on the Amazon Children’s EBooks for Boys chart!

I’ve had so much great feedback from teachers, parents, and most importantly children. They all want to know – when is the next Nate Rocks book coming out? Well... I happen to have just finished the first draft (YAY!) of Nate Rocks the Boat... and this is where my Kickstarter Campaign comes in....

So what’s in it for you? Well – for any pledge over $5 there are prizes, swag, and incentives. Not to mention, knowing that you helped give the gift of reading.

Please take a moment to check out my Kickstarter Campaign; as well as some of the others listed on the site. I have backed a few myself (including my friend Elise’s found here) – there are some great projects out there! Thank you so much for your continued support!


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